Wednesday, August 29, 2007

White Crackle and Copper Raku Pendant

This unique pendant is one of my new creations! Handmade, of course, from a slab of clay then bisque fired, glazed and raku fired. This method of raku is a modern form of the ancient Japanese raku process which was used to make ceremonial tea bowls. The raku process is amazing! The piece is pulled out of the kiln when it reaches a temperature of over 1800 degrees then placed in a reduction chamber (a lidded metal can) which has been filled with organic materials (newspaper, sawdust, leaves, etc). The smoke is absorbed into the clay where no glaze is present creating the black that you see. It's so exciting pulling out the piece when it has cooled! Hope you enjoy my art! Visit me at to shop!!!!

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Hi Mak!

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