Friday, September 26, 2008

Copper Magnetic Clasp

You might have heard of magnetic clasps, but still not sure how they will look in your jewelry design. Well, here are a couple of wonderful examples of the copper magnetic clasps that I sell in my shop. These gorgeous bracelets were made by Claudia. I'm not sure where she sells these pieces, but you could probably check on her Etsy shop to get a hold of her.

Here's what Claudia has to say about the clasps:

"I love the clasps! They work great and look really nice! They give a very classy finish to the bracelets! Very pleased!"

So, if you need some of these magnetic clasps for your special creation, just visit my MAKUstudio shop on Etsy. I have copper and sterling silver clasps available!

Thanks for sharing your experience Claudia! Happy beading!

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